The Spirit of the Lenape

May/June 2016

Upcoming June Induction Weekend

Attention all unit Scouters! Lenapehoking Lodge IX is holding their next Induction weekend at Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco June 10-12, 2016. Encourage the scouts in your troop who were elected to become members of the Order of The Arrow and did not complete their Ordeal in May to attend one of the two remaining induction weekends.  Those Scouts should register now for one of those weekends at this link.  

Scouts who are already OA members in your unit should go to the weekend too and support their candidates in their Ordeal! They can even volunteer to be an Elangomat.  For members, induction weekends can act as an amazing fellowship event; there is so much fun in Cheerful Service and in camping together for the weekend! And don't forget the ever popular Saturday night BBQ and Feast!

If you are not yet a Brotherhood member and took your Ordeal anytime other than September 2015 or May 2016, consider completing your membership in the Order by becoming one.   If you are already a Brotherhood member  encourage others to complete their membership by becoming Brotherhood Members!

Go to the upcoming weekend together as a unit, it will be fun and fulfilling! To register go to the Order of The Arrow- Lodge IX page on the NNJC website.  All of the registration links are listed together in the middle of the page.  New Ordeal members inducted in May were sent a special 50% off the regular price discount link that is NOT displayed on that page.

June Induction Weekend Work Projects


The June Induction Weekend is coming up fast! As usual, the basis of the Induction Weekend is Cheerful Service to one of our council’s fine camps.

On our second Induction Weekend of the year, here are some of the projects and improvements Lenapehoking Lodge IX will be doing at Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco:

  • Working on the aquatics area.

  • Digging out the drainage ditch.

  • Expanding it towards the boat house.

  • Removing the non-repaired bridge.

  • Dig some sand out of the beginners section and move to the beach.

  • Strengthen the fences.

  • Trim back the bushes along the road to Rosenberg.

  • Move some tent platforms

  • Cut down some trees

Come to the June Induction Weekend, June 10-12, and you will be a part of an improvement process to one of the nicest camps our council has to offer!

To register go to the Order of The Arrow- Lodge IX page on the NNJC website.  All of the registration links are listed together in the middle of the page.  New Ordeal members inducted in May were sent a special 50% off the regular price discount link that is NOT displayed on that page.


Chapter Elections at the June Weekend

REMINDER: At the June Induction Weekend at No-Be-Bo-Sco, we will be having our Chapter Chief elections for each chapter. If you would like something fun, exciting, or new to happen in your chapter, come vote and voice your opinion on your chapter’s leadership. If you would like to run for Chapter Chief, you are strongly encouraged to come to the weekend, participate in the election process, and lead by example in cheerful service!


SIGN UP NOW: Order of The Arrow- Lodge IX page

Brotherhood Conversion at the June Weekend

Your next chance to become a Brotherhood Member is at the June Induction Weekend at Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco, June 10-12, 2016. Becoming a Brotherhood Member signifies your dedication to the lodge, and opens up a world of opportunities. As a Brotherhood Member you are encouraged to more actively participate in lodge events. You may even go for a position on the Lodge Executive Committee! You can join the ceremonies or dance teams! As a Brotherhood Member you must feel prepared to live out the Obligation. In these ways the Brotherhood membership greatly enhances one's experiences in our lodge and in the OA. Also, you are bound to meet amazing, new friends!

You may now seal your membership in the Order through the Brotherhood Ceremony if you have continued to faithfully serve your fellowmen and have met the following requirements:

  • Completed 10 months of unit service as an ordeal member,

  • Maintained your registered membership in Scouting,

  • Maintained your registered membership in the Order of the Arrow,

  • Memorized the Obligation, the Order of the Arrow Official Song, the Admonition, the sign of ordeal membership, and the order of the Arrow handclasp, and

  • Gained a thorough understanding of the ordeal through which you have passed. (See “The Customs and traditions of the Ordeal” in The Order of the Arrow Handbook.)

It is important that not only you meet the above requirements but also that you feel you are prepared for the brotherhood.  Write a letter to the Lodge Secretary expressing your feelings.  In your letter:

  • Explain what you think the obligation means,

  • Explain how you have been fulfilling this obligation in your troop and/or t

  • eam and in your daily life, and how you have used your understanding of the Ordeal to aid in your service, and

  • Describe your specific plans for giving future service to the lodge program.

Register today for Brotherhood Conversion at the June Induction weekend at this link!
Click here for Brotherhood Candidate registration

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at 862-763-0110 or

I look forward to seeing you at the June Induction Weekend!


George Noll
Brotherhood Chairman


On every ordeal weekend, the entire lodge puts a great amount of effort into whatever they're doing: kitchen crew, ceremonialists, guys at registration- but few can match the selflessness and devotion of the Elangomats. They go above and beyond what is expected of them, by not only re-experiencing the tests of  the ordeal process, but by guiding others. Elangomats embody everything that the Order of the Arrow stands for: brotherhood, cheerfulness, and service. That said, if you haven't served as an Elangomat before, now would be the time to give it a try, as we have just revamped the extended Elangomat program, allowing for a more connected clan, and a more fulfilling experience (along with free registration and a  cool hat). Become an E-mat for the June Induction Weekend and find fulfillment in a service unlike any other in the Order of the Arrow. As an Elangomat, you are the friend of the Ordeal Candidates during the Ordeal- you are the person who ensures the that the candidates begin their journey to the high ideals of the OA. Plus, the weekend is FREE for elangomats! Sign up to be an elangomat today- positions are limited!    


Click here for Elangomat Registration

Summary of May Induction Weekend

From May 6th to the 8th, 58 Ordeal candidates and 61 members of Lenapehoking Lodge IX completed a range of service projects and improvements at Camp Turrell during the Lodge’s first Induction weekend of the year. At an Induction weekend, Candidates partake in a day of Cheerful Service along with their brothers to one of our Council’s beautiful camps as a part of their Ordeal to become a member of the Lodge.  Some projects which were completed include: removing downed trees from the trail around the dam, repairing and replacing tent platforms, raking out new sand at the waterfront, repairing stairs on the trail around the dam, working on the chapel, raking sand back onto the rifle range backstop, cleaning up clays from the shotgun range, building a gateway and axe yard for the Outdoor Skills program area, and filling in holes at the A-field.

Weboree Staff Sign Up


On June 3-5 Northern New Jersey Council is hosting its annual Weboree. We’ll need Arrowmen like you to help staff the event. Weboree is a lot of fun for both the Cub Scouts and the staff; it's a very rewarding experience. We’ll be helping coordinate parking on Friday, and with the program areas on Saturday.


To sign up fill out this survey:


If you have any questions feel free to contact me at, if you already signed up for staff through council, please let me know. 

See you at Weboree!

May Vigil Recognition

It is Lenapehoking Lodge IX’s honor to congratulate and share with you our seven newest Vigil honor members who had an opportunity to reflect on Scouting's ideals and higher purpose at our May induction weekend!

The following brothers were bestowed this honor...

John Greco "Litchewagan Gentgeen Elauwit" (Thoughtful Dancing Archer)

Shaffer Johnston "Aluns" (Bullet)

Spencer Johnston "Welihete" (Kind Man)

Kaden Kopko "Witscheman Sakima" (Helpful Chief)

Sean Skinner "Kekhitkil Papuwe Wojauwe" (Very Big Spirited Chief)

Matthew Koroluk "Ngemewi Nimat" (Dependable Brother)

Christopher Ceravolo "Segachtek Wulihan" (Ardent One Who Does Good for Others)

Newly Elected Lodge Officers

On our May Induction Weekend, we elected next year's Lodge leadership. Congratulations to next year's LEC; we're looking forward to seeing your service and leadership in the coming year!

Lodge Chief: Sean Skinner

Vice Chief of Inductions: George Noll

Vice Chief of Administration: Jean-Baptiste Mollet

Vice Chief of Program: Peter Brain

Treasurer: Josh Benson

Secretary: Shaffer Johnston

Belt Buckles


Lodge Belt buckles are on their way, a notice will be send out when they arrive on how to order them. The first 100 IX Belt Buckles will be numbered! Be on the lookout for their release!

Founders Award

Lenapehoking Lodge IX would like to congratulate this year’s Founder’s Award Recipients. On Monday, May 9th, at Mayfair Farms in West Orange, Northern New Jersey Council hosted its annual Council Recognition Dinner. Lenapehoking Lodge IX presented the Founder's Award to two very deserving Arrowmen. Scott Johnston and Larry Tosi have both shown outstanding service toward the lodge and other scouting programs, such as NYLT, Friends of Camp Turrell, and Camp Staff. Introduced at the 1981 National Order of the Arrow Conference, the Founder's Award recognizes Arrowmen who have given outstanding service to their lodge. The award is reserved for an Arrowman who demonstrates that he or she personifies the spirit of selfless service, as advocated by founder E. Urner Goodman and cofounder Carroll A. Edson. Thank you, Scott Johnston and Larry Tosi, for everything you have done to make scouting better.



Puerto Rico Conclave 2016

Ever on the move, brothers from Lenapehoking Lodge IX will be travelling to Puerto Rico this summer, from August 3rd through the 8th, where the five Lodges from our Section will participate in Conclave 2016. During our stay we will enjoy the hospitality of Guajataka Scout Reservation and our brothers from Yokahu Lodge who have rolled out the red carpet, inviting us to experience their hospitality, their culture, and the very best their island paradise has to offer.


In addition to the training sessions, events and celebrations we will share at Conclave we will also be visiting a number of Puerto Rico’s historical and cultural sites, including Old San Juan, where we will participate in a Digital Photo Competition, and Caguana Ceremonial Site, the most important Taino reservation in the Caribbean.


For our science enthusiasts we will visit the renowned Arecibo Radio Telescope Observatory, home to research scientists from around the world and featured in such movies as Contact and 007 Golden Eye. And for our nature buffs, we will venture on a walking tour of Camuy Caverns, the 3rd largest underwater cave system in the world. For more information about Conclave 2016, please contact Lodge Conclave Chairman,

Matthew Koroluk, or go to

Fellowship Weekend

SAVE THE DATE!!!!  Lenapehoking Lodge IX will be holding their annual Fall Fellowship, October 28-30, at Camp Lewis! The annual Fall Fellowship weekend is a time for brothers to enjoy the OA for something other than Cheerful Service. THERE IS NO WORK, JUST FUN! JUST COME, HANGOUT,  AND BOND WITH YOUR LODGE BROTHERS! There will be a reduced rate for newly elected members! Contact Fellowship Chairman Josh Kohler at with any ideas relating to the planning and activities for the the Fall 

Fellowship weekend.


WHERE: Camp Lewis, 39 Upper Hibernia, Rd, Rockaway, NJ

WHEN: October 28, 29, 30


Arrowcore for Jamboree

After a record-setting national conference in 2015, the Order of the Arrow will again seek to make history with Operation Arrow at the 2017 National Scout Jamboree.

To continue a tradition that dates back to the 1950 National Scout Jamboree, over 750 youth Arrowmen will answer the call to serve as part of Operation Arrow - the largest jamboree staff team ever assembled by the Order of the Arrow!

Operation Arrow staff members will support the jamboree program by joining one of three primary OA program areas: the Service Corps, the Trek Guides and the Indian Village.

The summer of 2017 seems like a long time away, but planning for the next national Scout jamboree at the Summit Bechtel Reserve (SBR) is already well underway. The Order of the Arrow will continue to release information about Operation Arrow staff opportunities and how to become involved in the coming months."

If you are interested in joining Operation Arrow, let Lenapehoking IX and check out for more information!



Chapter Updates

Lenape Trails

Some of you may not know me, although quite a few will have gotten sick of my insistent emails throughout the year. My name is Jean-Baptiste Mollet and I served as the Chapter Chief for Lenape Trails District; organizing monthly meetings and leading the chapter in elections. Our Chapter finished strong this year with elections, we increased Troop penetration to 17 troops or 4 more than last yearThis was only achieved thanks to the help of the many members of the chapter and adults who were willing to help out with driving and moral support. While the elections are very important a few other things happened namely our monthly Chapter meetings and the first induction weekend which was a great success, but more importantly we are planning a rock climbing meeting in the beginning of June as a Chapter fellowship activity.The Chapter is alive and kicking, but we do need volunteers to help out at the June Induction weekend as a majority of the scouts there will be Lenape Trails scouts and we want a great presence of familiar faces as elangomats to help them through their first steps in the Order of the Arrow.Thank you to all those who have helped me through my mandate as Chapter Chief and I hope to finish strong.


Jean-Baptiste Mollet

Three Rivers
Over the past few months the Three Rivers Chapter has been working very hard to finish up their unit elections. So far we’ve completed 29 unit elections and have 2 left to do. I would like to thank all the Scouts and leaders who volunteered their time to help run the troop elections. Without their help it would have been impossible to complete all of the elections. At the May 5th-7th Ordeal Weekend at Camp Turrell, 17 Scouts from the Chapter became Ordeal Members and 4 Scouts completed their Brotherhood. All of these boys have demonstrated what cheerful service is and hopefully will continue to do so. Our next event is our monthly chapter meeting on June 7th at the District Program Launch (see Lodge calendar or look for an email from me for details). Your attendance is required to make certain that all of the Ordeal and Brotherhood members have registered for an induction weekend.

Michael Sawitz

Ramapo Valley

The RV Chapter has had an awesome year!  We have cheerfully served the Ramapo Valley District by staffing most of the District events including the Highlander Games camporee and the Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills course this past fall, along with the Friday the 13th spring camporee.  Our brothers will also be helping out at the upcoming We-bo-ree in June. Additionally, our chapter participated in the lodge fellowship events this year, including the fall fellowship weekend up at No-Be, and the lodge banquet in January, where RV won the highest attendance award! Plus, the chapter held our own fall fellowship day shooting trap at Thunder Mountain.

Our chapter has completed a very successful election season.  Out of the 51 Troops in the RV District, we achieved 84% penetration.  A total of 34 elections were held, and 9 Troops were contacted who did not have any eligible scouts to hold an election. Over 110 Ordeal Candidates were elected this season!

RV holds monthly chapter meetings on the second Tuesday of each month starting in September, and will finish the year with a chapter BBQ in June, following the second induction weekend!


Spencer Johnston and Alex Benedetto