Lenapehoking Lodge Committees

Any dues paying member of the Lodge may join a committee at any time. Please contact:

Sean Michael Massaro, Lodge Chief

Phone: 201-625-3896

OA Staff Advisor Grey Rolland
Phone: 201-677-1000, Ext 13. Email: grolland@bsamail.org


This grand committee organizes and runs the Lodge’s annual banquet.  This includes the securing of an appropriate location, the arrangement of entertainment, the securing of a guest speaker, promotion of the event itself, and most importantly, ensuring quality food for a satisfying repast.


The Brotherhood Committee has the important responsibility of coordinating the conversion of Ordeal members to the Brotherhood honor.  The committee contacts eligible members and offers counseling and guidance as they fully commit themselves to the Order.  The work of the committee is a major factor in successful Fellowship Weekends and attaining Quality Lodge Status. 

Camp Promotions

The camp promotions committee is responsible for organizing and carrying out the camp promotions plans for the Lodge.  In conjunction with the Council camping committee, this committee promotes both year round camping and summer camping through visits to individual units.  This committee also maintains and updates the Lodge’s "Where to Go Camping" booklet and organizes the annual Camp Promotion Dinner.


Warren Dressler, Adviser
Phone: (917) 913-4132,

The ceremonial committee enables members to gain a further understanding of the customs and traditions of the OA.  The ceremonial team hones its skills by practicing on a regular basis in order to perform first-class ceremonies during Induction weekends.  Although time consuming, members gain a deep satisfaction from the knowledge they acquire and from consistently winning ceremonial competitions.


The Conclave committee is responsible for promoting and managing the Lodge’s trip to the 2013 Section NE-5A Conclave. They will assure that the Lodge meets its contingent goal for the section, and that all participants have a stupendous time.

Dance Team

The Lodge Dance Team offers Arrowmen an unparalleled chance to learn authentic Native American skills while at the same time serving Scouting.  The team builds its own costumes, closely adhering to traditional Indian styles.  Like the Ceremonial Team, the Dance Team practices regularly to perfect its dancing skills.  The team needs dancers, drummers, costume makers, and singers who will combine their talents to create memorable shows for troops and packs.  No prior experience is necessary; all skills are taught.


This committee is specifically responsible for the recruitment and training of elangomats for the three induction weekends held throughout the year.  With an ideal clan size being near eight and with weekend candidate attendance skyrocketing, this important committee must find a large number of willing arrowmen to relive the ordeal experience alongside the candidates.


The Elections committee plays a vital role in the OA.  Used to enlist new members by their established credibility, the Election committee’s primary function is holding proper elections in units throughout our council.  It also is responsible for mailing elections forms to all troops and mailing weekend information to all candidates.  Becoming active on this committee is highly rewarding in that it offers opportunities to learn how the OA system effectively works while meeting Scouts and Scoutmasters from other troops.  


The Fellowship Weekend Committee is responsible for running the lodge’s annual Training Day which provides a one-day workshop on Saturday offering informative and useful instruction to Arrowmen with, or desiring, a position in the Lodge.  The committee must secure instructors and all relevant support materials for training while running a fun weekend of fellowship for the arrowmen.  This committee aids in shaping the long-term success of the Lodge with training and sets a tone of enjoyment for a weekend of fellowship.


The Honors Committee has the task of nominating Arrowmen worthy of the highest honor bestowed by the OA on its members, the Vigil Honor.  It must then oversee the appropriate induction of Vigil candidates.  It also is responsible for the process of selecting Founder’s Award recipients.

O.A. Troop Representative

The O.A. Troop Representative committee branches over each district in the council, integrating the units of those districts into a lodge-wide basis.  Through district representatives acting as O.A. liaisons at Roundtables and other district events, the O.A. Troop Representative Committee aims to build the O.A.’s presences in the units and the council.

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