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Eagle Scout Application Info

Contact Eagle Scout Coordinator Frank Miller
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Eagle Scout Application Form

In order to best serve the Eagles in the Council, we continue to try to standardize the procedure for handling Eagle Applications. We have noticed, that many districts follow the same standard, while others, slowly understand the needs for standardizing the process.

In order to cut down the amount of paperwork, we only certify one copy of the Eagle Application. This copy is the one used for the Board of Review and is the one sent to national upon completion. We will happily give you a copy for your records.

We still see that some districts are setting up and holding an Eagle Board of Review prior to Council’s Certification. This cannot be allowed, as once the Board is held, and mistakes occur, an entirely new form is required in authentic signatures. National will not accept facsimile. The certification step is designed to catch any errors, before the Board is held or later at the National Office. Errors cause delays, which affects the Scout.

Another area that has been halted is the old practice of having a copy of the Eagle workbook and/or project on file. We have stopped that in all districts. The workbook and everything pertaining the project are used on a district level. They are not required at the time of certification.

References on Eagle Applications

Letters of references are also part of the district advancement committee, and are not to be opened by anyone other than the persons sitting on the Board of Review.

Per Terry Lawson, Director of Advancement, the following is missing on Requirement #2 on the Eagle Application and it is being returned to council. All references and their information should be filled out on the Eagle Application with the exception of Employer.  If a Scout does not go to church and cannot provide a religious reference, the parent or parents name must be listed on that line. When the application is complete, mail it back to the Eagle Scout Service at the National Office.  Once received in our office, we will begin the final processing.  The process will take another 4 to 6 weeks unless there are further problems with the application that were not corrected.  We will start the process where we left off.

The requirement for #2 requires a minimum of 5 signatures, parents, religious, educational, employer if any, and 2 references. (with the employer then there are 6 signatures) that must includes name, address and phone number.

Reference letters do not get mailed to national.

We have been recognized for the accuracy of our Eagle submissions. Only your assistance can help us continue to be on top of the Eagle process, which in turn, makes for happier Scouts.

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