NNJC Conservation Program

For Scouters 

If you are planning on visiting one of the Council camps, please refer to the camp’s page (select “Camping" from the menu on the left hand side of the screen) for information about the camp, conservation programs, and the ecology of the camp.  The following are general resources from the National Council, Philmont, and other sources regarding conservation projects for your unit.  As always, be sure to obtain permission from the landowner before beginning a conservation project on a property. For most conservation projects at Council camps, the ranger or caretaker will give suggestions or permission for conservation projects. For major conservation projects, including all re-routing or marking of trails, permission should be gained from the Conservation Committee.

Contacting the Conservation Committee

Stumped about a conservation program or project for your unit?  Looking for additional resources?  Have a question about subject material or how to present it to Scouts?  Contact the Conservation Committee by e-mailing Ann Murphy.

Joining the Conservation Committee

Are you interested in the outdoors?  Do you enjoy hiking, fishing, hunting, bird-watching, and other outdoor activities?  Are you looking for a way to share those interests and values with your unit or with visitors to the Council camps?  Join the Conservation Committee!

The Conservation Committee is looking for new members in order to assist with current projects, as well as to assist in the development of Camp Conservation Plans for Camp YawPaw and Camp Alpine.  Interested Scouters need not have any formal ecology/environmental background, only the willingness to spend time at the camps, and the ability to describe the difference between conservation and preservation (as in “Why does the Council have a Conservation Committee and not a Preservation Committee?”) 

The Committee meets at Council camps periodically.  Otherwise, committee members keep in contact via telephone and e-mail.  Anyone interested in joining the Committee should contact Ann Murphy


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