At a basic level, the Campmaster Corps is a group of registered adults that provide administrative assistance to the Ranger during Weekend camping.

But at Camp Lewis, that's not quite where it ends! Our Campmaster Corps. is comprised of a large group of individuals that are dedicated to helping provide year-round program to campers of all ages!

Where might I find a Campmaster?

  • Checking you and your unit in on Friday night,
  • Up at the warehouse, helping Paul our Ranger frame and assemble tent platforms,
  • On top of the Lean-to's in Major Roy laying down some new shingles,
  • At the Nature area, showing scouts how to identify Poison Ivy,
  • Plenty of other places, camp is pretty large!

At Camp Lewis, the Campmasters job is to help Paul, however they can. What help is required changes day-to-day, but you can always be certain there is at least one project happening at camp each weekend. They keep the property ready to host campers!

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