2019 Lodge Induction Weekend Registration

2019 Lodge Induction Weekend Registration
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Lenapehoking Lodge IX Induction Registration

Join us for our 2019 Induction Weekends.

Our Induction Weekends are great events that allow us to enjoy a weekend of fellowship and service at one of our Council Camps and welcome our newest Brothers into the Lodge.


Join us for at least two induction weekends or serve as an Elangomat at one weekend to earn your Induction Segment of the 20th Anniversary Lodge Participation Patch Set!

If you have any questions about the Lodge Induction Weekends, please contact our Lodge Chief, Corin Mellone, at lodgechief@oaix.nnjbsa.org, our Vice Chief of Inductions, Hunter McIntosh, at vc-inductions@oaix.nnjbsa.org, or our Lodge Adviser, Steve Leonardi, at lodgeadviser@oaix.nnjbsa.org for details.



  • To register as an Ordeal Candidate for this (or any other) weekend click here.

  • To register with the 3 Weekend Discount Special (good until 5/1/2019) click here.

  • To register as a Brotherhood Candidate for this (or any other weekend) click here

  • To register as an Elangomat for this (or any other) weekend click here

    • ‚Äč(Please note that adults must receive permission from Lodge Elangomat Chair (chair-elangomat@oaix.nnjbsa.org) before registering as an Elangomat for any given weekend)

  • To Register as a Member for any Induction weekend click here.

  • If you need to pay your 2019 Lodge Dues, click here

  • Camp Directions click here

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