In-camp Activities


Rock Climbing/Rapelling- Enjoy a rewarding rock climbing session on our natural rock face with our highly trained staff. Best of all what goes up must come down! Have a blast rapelling down our rocks! Also ask about rock climbing merit badge!



Waterskiing/Tubing- Another in-camp favorite, bring the troop for a fun water skiing session out of our Rollins Pond Base. Every crew member gets the choice between a challenging skiing session or having a thrilling ride in the tube! This surely will be an unforgettable experience.



Archery - Bring the troop on down to our archery range for a troop session! Located at the back of the parking lot each scout will be able to shoot to their hearts content! Ask about archery merit badge!

In camp service - Looking into earn that 50 miler award? Well then you'll be needing some service hours! Talk to your voyageur about getting a troop service project that will benefit the camp and earn those hours towards the award.

Canoeing Merit Badge- Work on canoeing merit badge with your highly skilled voyageur down at our waterfront.



Canoe Day Treks -We offer a few options for day canoeing trips out of our West Pine Base. Take a journey to the remote Ledge Pond, arguably the most pristine pond in the Adirondacks, and enjoy a wonderful area that not many people ever get to see. Also with our Rock Pond loop you will have an unforgettable trip over beaver dams and log flows and don't forget a perfect Kodak moment on the "Jesus Rock" at Rock Pond.

Sailing - Takeout one of our sailboats onto West Pine Pond and practice your sailing skills!

Troop Swims/Mile Swim- We offer troop swims in the always refreshing West Pine Pond. Also ask your voyageur about an attempt at the mile swim!

Floodwood Mountain - Enjoy a one mile hike up Floodwood Mountain for a break taking view. Also ask your voyageur about an overnighter on the summit and an early wake up for an incredible sunrise!

Program Building - When a staff member is present, enjoy our program building! Inside we have ping pong, pool, board games and more!



Frisbee - Do you like Frisbee? Our staff does! Get the troop together and challenge our staff to a game of Ultimate Frisbee! Or just toss the Frisbee around.



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