Life to Eagle Steps

Do not begin Eagle Project until you get District Approval (Step 6)


  1. Research a project which will benefit your church, school and or community; (emphasis on  Community)


  1. Projects should focus on Service; Impact to beneficiaries; Leadership; Show development and Planning; and demonstrate Challenge and Complexity.


Note: To obtain the rank of Eagle Scout a Boy MUST be active in the Troop and show Scout Spirit and have a leadership position for 6 months in which the scout is successful.


  1. Discuss the project with your Scoutmaster and obtain copy of the most recent Eagle Application and Workbook – The current workbook may be downloaded online from the Boy Scout National Site:




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  1. Call the Unit Committee Chair to schedule a meeting to discuss your project concept with the Committee for their approval; (In most cases, the Unit Committee consists of the positions listed on the Unit Charter document.)


  1. Obtain Scoutmaster’s consent to proceed then review the concept and the Proposal details with the organization which will benefit from your project.


  1. Fill out the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook  Section 2,  Eagle Scout Project Proposal.


  1. After the Troop Committee, Scoutmaster and Head of Organization have approved your project proposal, secure the necessary signatures and submit the completed Proposal to the District Advancement Committee contact for final approval. The District Advancement Committee will assign a District Advancement Advisor to assist you with the process to completion.


      **You may not begin your project until you have approval from the District Advancement Committee to proceed**


  1. Start your Final Project Plan (section 3)


  1. Upon completion of your Eagle Project (physical and written project), schedule a meeting with your Scoutmaster for a Scoutmaster’s conference. At the meeting you must present a complete Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook.


  1. Bring your Eagle application to Council for signature of certification.  Next, contact your District Advancement Advisor to schedule your Board of Review and present Unit Advancement Chair with:        
  • Eagle Workbook (sections 2, 3 and 4)
  • Eagle Application
  • Essay (Life ambitions letter)
  • Letters of Recommendation (send 5)
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