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Eagle Applications are now available Online.

Eagle Scout Applications

Our Council still has the responsibility for checking the application to insure it is the most current application and all applications must have original signatures. 

The Northern New Jersey Council and the National Office hopes that it will make it easier for Eagle candidates who make a mistake to download a new application from the web site.  We will continue to provide Eagle applications at the Service Center in Oakland. 

Eagle Scout Courts of Honor

The Northern New Jersey Council wants to have a representative at every Eagle Court held in our Council.  The representative may be either a professional on the staff or a volunteer.  The official Council representative will present the Northern New Jersey Council Eagle shoulder
strip and a special certificate from the Council Key 3.

In order to have a representative at the Eagle Ceremony an invitation needs
to be mailed to:

Northern New Jersey Council, BSA
25 Ramapo Valley Road, P.O. Box 670
Oakland, NJ 07436

A letter will be sent back, indicating who will represent the Council. Please send the invitation with as much lead time as possible.

Becoming an Eagle is a great day in a young man's life and your Council very much wants to be a part of the Court of Honor!

10 Reasons Why Eagle Apps are Rejected

10. No Council number on application               

  • This requires the application to be removed from the daily work stack and placed in a special file until time is allotted to perform council lookups. (NNJC is Council #333)

9. Signature missing  

  •  This requires the rejected application to be mailed back to council. The oversight will cause at least a four-week delay because the postal service will be used.

8. No Boy Scout joining date or wrong date

  • Failure to indicate a Boy Scout joining date requires us to reject the application to request proper date.  This is because all requirements must be met after a boy joins Scouting

7. No board of review date

  • We must have the board of review date to ensure all requirements were completed prior to the board of review. This date is necessary since it is printed on the Eagle Scout credentials.

6. Duplicate badges on application

  • A total of 21 separate merit badges must be earned.  Any application that requires a correction to merit badges that are listed twice on an application    will be rejected.   

5. Explanation for delay in board of review not furnished

  • We will ask for a letter when this time frame as described on the application is not met.

4. Proper badges are not indicated in merit badge number 6 and 9 

3.  If six months leadership between Life Scout and Board of Review does not indicate sufficient time, we must return for correction. 

2. Valid leadership position between Life Scout and Board of Review 

1. New Eagle Scout Rank Requirements (as of April 1, 1999) have not been met

  • Scouts having completed any Eagle Scout rank requirements after April 1,1999, must earn the Personal Fitness merit badge and Cycling or Hiking or Swimming merit badges.  We must reject the applications if it does not meet this new requirement.

Eagle Scholarships

In an effort to provide updated information of Scholarships for Eagle Scouts, I will list those already available and new ones that have come to my attention.

Gaebe Eagle Scout Application

This scholarship is offered by Johnson & Wales University and is for Freshmen (women) entering J & W.

Dr. Morris J. W. Gaebe, Chancellor of J. & W. and has been involved with and supported Boy Scouts of America for many years. The scholarship is a grant in the amount of $1,000.00. Deadline is March 1st. Contact Dan Caplan at 201-677-1000 x-25 for a copy of the form.

National Jewish Committee on Scouting Eagle Scout

Scholarship Program

This is a scholarship offered by the National Jewish Committee on Scouting (NJCS) for Jewish Scouts and is a national scholarship for Eagle Scouts who best meets the qualifications in the application. Deadline is Decem,ber 31 st. Winners of the scholarship are announced by March 1st. For a copy of the scholarship application, contact Dan Caplan at 201-677-1000 x-25.

The Ida Kiefer Scholarship

The Ida Kiefer Scholarship is opened to Scouts in Hudson County only. This scholarship comes to us through the Northeast Region of the BSA. It is for graduation High School Seniors. Applications must be postmarked after November 1st, but no later than March 15, will be considered. Must provide a high school transcript covering 6 semesters only, a statement stating why the applicant believes he /she believes they need financial aid, and a recommendation from a volunteer or professional Scout leader who knows the applicant. For a copy of the application, contact Dan Caplan at 201-677-1000 x-25

Boy Scouts of America National Eagle Scholarships

The Boy Scouts of America includes a "National Eagle Scout Scholarship" Application form with each copy of the "Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook" and covers 3 Scholarships, the Mabel and Lawrence S. Cooke Scholarship, the Elks National Foundation Scholarships and the National Eagle Scout Scholarship Fund.

Applicant must have an SAT score of 1090 (or an ACT Score of 26). It is available for Eagle Scouts who had their Board of Review between March 1 and July 31. Must be submitted by November 1st but not later than February 28 and received by March 5th. For an additional copy of the application, contact Tyronne Manning at 201-677-1000 x-34,

Eagle References

On the front of the Eagle Application there is a place for references. Scoutmasters should call the need for references to the Scout prior to the completion of his project. A Board of Review cannot be held until those references are in. A note for the request for references should include "that they should be mailed to the Scoutmaster or a designated person in the troop". Those reference should remain sealed until the Board for Eagle is held.

Request for a Flag for an Eagle Scout

Most unit leaders know that they can request a flag that is flown over the Capital from their Congressman.

Did you know that you can also get a flag that was flown over the Pentagon?

You may purchase a 3‘ x 5’ Nylon Flag and send it to; Defense Protection Service, Room 2E -170, Attention Officer Hale, 9000 Defense Pentagon, Washington, DC 20301-9000.

You must pay foe shipping & handling forwarding /returning. The Post Office can tell you the cost.

The Pentagon will have the flag flown over the Pentagon Building. The flag will be flown over the Pentagon Building. The Flag will be folded and put back in the box it was received in, and returned back to you.

You must include the Eagle Scouts full name, Troop number and town.

The Pentagon office will send the Eagle Scout a certificate with the Scouts full name, date the flag was flown. (A picture of the Pentagon Building will be on the date.)

I have heard that a request was made for a specific date to have the Flag flown, such as a birthday.

A sample form for this is available in the Oakland Service Center.
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