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The Northern New Jersey Council will close at 11:00 AM on Wednesday, November 26, 2014 due to inclement weather.

Our office will be closed on Thanksgiving Day and on Friday, November 28, 2014.

Three Rivers District Newsletters

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Three Rivers Information Page (Posted Nov 24, 2014)
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Feedback from a Scoutmaster Training Session (Nov 2)
Three Cub Pack Recruitment Champs
Advice on Getting Cub Parents More Involved
Popcorn Prizes for the Fall Sale Only
Scouter of the Year - Need Nominations (Mar 26 2015)
Friends of Turrell Fund-Raiser a Success (Nov 14)
Troop 120 Wins the 2014 First Aid Rally (Nov 19)
Changes to the Rechartering Schedule (Jan 15)
For Eagle Scouts: Eagle Recognition Dinner (Jan 15)
For Eagle Scouts: Time to Apply for NESA Scholarships
Floodwood Mountain High Adventure Base (Summer 2015)
For New Merit Badge Counselors: Special Adult Application Form
Wood Badge Course in Spanish/Bilingual (Aug 3-8 2015)
The Scout Handbook in the NY Times Sunday Book Review
Scout Jamboree in Liberty State Park (Oct 2-4 2015)
Two New Liberty Science Center Programs for Scouts and Cubs

 Feedback from a Scoutmaster Training Session (Nov 2)

Feedback from a Scoutmaster Training Session

Session organizer Ken Dutcher reported on his most recent all-day training session for new Scoutmasters and Assistants. He said that 22 adults came to the Secaucus Senior Center with the goal of learning "how to have fun by doing the job correctly." Working with Ken were Anthony Catalano, Ed Ference, and Dennis Ng. The day was billed as "information packed" and was divided into 17 segments. First comes a description of how a Scout troop is organized along with the role of the district and council. Then comes troop meetings and the concept of a boy-run program followed by the importance of the patrol method, the outdoor program, and advancement. Finally came a series of segments about paperwork, finances, training, recruiting, etc.

Ken was particularly proud of the evaluation forms turned in at the end of the day, where student ratings for this session were "a tick above" the ratings received after the April session. Several written comments really liked the stories of real-life experiences passed on by the instructors, including cautionary tales about insurance and permission slips. One attendee said that his most valuable take-away was "knowing that there is a wealth of resources available."

 Three Cub Pack Recruitment Champs

Three Cub Pack Recruitment Champs

Congratulations to these fall recruitment champs who far exceeded their 2014 goals:
Jersey City Pack 475 - Added 34
Fair Lawn Pack 613 - Added 28
Hackensack Pack 5 - Added 21

Some more double-digit recruiters:
Bayonne Pack 19 - Added 13
Closter Pack 20 - Added 11
Park Ridge Pack 80 - Added 11
Secaucus Pack 87 - Added 18
River Edge Pack 95 - Added 11
Harrington Park Pack 111 - Added 10
Norwood Pack 120 - Added 19
North Arlington Pack 120 - Added 14
Dumont Pack 131 - Added 24
Old Tappan Pack 132 - Added 16
Oradell Pack 136 - Added 17
Hoboken Pack 146 - Added 13
Paramus Pack 245 - Added 11
River Vale Pack 335 - Added 18
Montvale Pack 336 - Added 22
Park Ridge Pack 345 - Added 15
Westwood Pack 350 - Added 11
Union City Pack 4002 - New pack started up with 35
Bayonne Troop 25 - Added 16
North Arlington Troop 120 - Added 15

 Advice on Getting Cub Parents More Involved

Advice on Getting Cub Parents More Involved

Parent involvement is a vital component to any successful unit, and the way to start is to find out what skills and talents the parents have to offer, and then put them to work. Click here for a survey sheet that you can hand out:

 Popcorn Prizes for the Fall Sale Only

Popcorn Prizes for the Fall Sale Only

Scouts and Cubs are encouraged to use the Trail's End online sales system all year long, from August to August. However, prizes are earned only during the council's "Fall Sale" period, which started in August and ended on November 15. Although the boy won't get a prize for online sales he makes after Nov 15, the Council and your unit will both profit from those sales. Every so often, your unit will receive a commission check in the mail.

 Scouter of the Year - Need Nominations (Mar 26 2015)

Scouter of the Year - Need Nominations

Every March the Northeast Region Scout Museum in Rochelle Park sponsors its "Scouter of the Year" recognition dinner.

If you know of someone with an over-and-above record of service to Scouting, please submit a resume to the organizers. His or her contributions may have been directly to youth, or may have been to the Three Rivers District.

Mail or e-mail the resume to Ed Quinn
19 Peek Street
Rochelle Park, NJ  07662

 Friends of Turrell Fund-Raiser a Success (Nov 14)

Friends of Turrell Fund-Raiser a Success
Event organizer Larry Tosi sent this thank-you

The beefsteak dinner was a huge success. We came close to selling out! As a result we raised around $4,000. With those monies we have funded $800 towards camperships at Turrell. The rest will be applied towards the Zip Line project ($14,000 more to go).

Please be on the lookout for our next dinner, which will be February 5, 2015 at the High Point Brewery in Butler. This will be a German Fasching (Mardi Gras) party with pig roast, beer tasting and German foods. Mark your calendars now and pray for no snow.

There are still a few benches looking for sponsors. Also, new merchandise (shirts and fleeces) were introduced to go along with our patches. More to follow on all of these items. Lastly, we now have the ability to accept credit cards.

Lastly, the gaga court is beginning construction this week.

Larry T

Editor's note: "Ga-ga" is an Israeli version of dodgeball played in an octagonal pen. Scouting Magazine posted some photos of players at the last Jamboree:

 Troop 120 Wins the 2014 First Aid Rally (Nov 19)

Troop 120 Wins the 2014 First Aid Rally

North Arlington Troop 120's Seals Patrol won this year's First Aid Rally, beating out 6 other crews. Second place went to Hoboken Troop 146, and third place was shared by Palisades Park Troop 379 and Troop 120's other patrol, "The Wombats."

The seven crews were challenged to perform first aid in three separate simulation scenarios: An out-of-control snow tuber crashed into a tree, a backyard barbecue chef got burned and injured in a fall when the oil in his deep-fryer caught fire, and a mountain biker was badly injured when his front tire had a blowout on a downhill run.

Kearny Troop 302 has been inviting Scout troops to compete in their annual First Aid Rally for many years, long before the Northern NJ Council was formed. This year's event was run by unit leaders Dave Lagerstrom and Bill Tuting. Judges were the Scoutmasters from the other troops, who naturally were not allowed to grade their own Scouts.


 Changes to the Rechartering Schedule (Jan 15)

Changes to the Rechartering Schedule
This article was reprinted from last month's newsletter

The Northern NJ Council wants to impose more uniformity on the process of annual unit rechartering. As a result, all units in the Ramapo Valley District have been asked to submit paperwork by December 15, Three Rivers by January 15, and Lenape Trail by February 15.

Presumably, when there is a unit that currently works on a different schedule, instead of rechartering for the usual 12 months, they will be asked this one time to submit paperwork for a different number of months.

 For Eagle Scouts: Eagle Recognition Dinner (Jan 15)

For Eagle Scouts: Eagle Recognition Dinner

The 2014 crop of new Eagle Scouts will be invited to the council's annual recognition dinner on January 15, preceded by an alumni gathering.

No charge to the new Eagles, but others should register and pay.

 For Eagle Scouts: Time to Apply for NESA Scholarships

For Eagle Scouts: Time to Apply for NESA Scholarships

The window for 2015 National Eagle Scout Association scholarships is now open. You have two months to submit your application; the deadline is Dec. 31, 2014. Winners will be contacted by July 15, 2015. Last year, NESA awarded more than $650,000 in scholarships to deserving Eagle Scouts. NESA offers two types of scholarships, academic and merit.

For more details:

 Floodwood Mountain High Adventure Base (Summer 2015)

Floodwood Mountain High Adventure Base

Somehow Floodwood always seems to be NNJC's best kept secret, and yet its summer program is a good as any other Boy Scout high adventure opportunity out there. Their specialties are week-long canoe trips among the many Adirondack lakes near Lake Placid and Saranac, and challenging backpacking treks in the Adirondack High Peaks. Each crew is accompanied by an experienced "voyageur," who is a trained wilderness guide. In addition to the treks, the camp has first-class water-skiing, rock climbing, rappelling, day hikes, overnight hikes, and overnight canoe trips. The schedule for 2015:
  Jul 12-18
  Jul 19-25
  Jul 26-Aug 1
  Aug 2-8
  Aug 9-15

To make a deposit:
To see a cool video:

Contact: Mike Cowan

 For New Merit Badge Counselors: Special Adult Application Form

For New Merit Badge Counselors: Special Adult Application Form

An adult ready to sign up as a new merit badge counselor should download a special form from the NNJC website instead of using the standard Scout Adult Application form. The standard form is a multi-page press-through, with one sheet for the unit, one for the council, and one for the chartered organization. For a new merit badge counselor, the only sheet needed is the one for the council plus a reverse side where you list the badges you intend to counsel.

Here are some additional things to know:
•    Youth protection training is mandatory. Log into, create a new account, take the online course (about 45 minutes), print the certificate, and attach it to the application form.
•    There is no registration fee. Leave it blank or write $0.00.
•    You may sign up for a maximum of 10 merit badges.
•    You are expected to be qualified to counsel each badge named based on knowledge gained from your profession or hobby etc.
•    This is also mandatory: As soon as possible, sign up for one of the frequent Merit Badge Counselor Orientation sessions held at the Oakland service center.
•    Your name and badges will be added to an online database that all NNJC Scoutmasters have access to. Thus don't be surprised when a Scout from another town calls or e-mails asking for an appointment.
•    Take care to follow the Youth Protection rule of "no one-on-one" contact with a youth. The ideal is to have the Scout come with a buddy.

 Wood Badge Course in Spanish/Bilingual (Aug 3-8 2015)

Wood Badge Course in Spanish/Bilingual

The Greater NY Councils will conduct a 6-day bilingual Wood Badge course in Alpine, NJ during the week of August 3-8:

Wood Badge is a leadership course for trained leaders of ALL programs as well as district and council leaders. All trained Scout leaders are encouraged to attend.

Wood Badge is a world-wide training tradition that reaches back to the foundation of Scouting. This Wood Badge course is a 6-day 1-week experience in which you learn more about leadership, Scouting, and yourself. You can form life-long bonds of fellowship with your patrol members.

This course is bilingual, and leaders in Hispanic communities are welcome to attend. The cost is $265, which includes meals and lodging.

Contact: Irving Quiles, 443-831-7811

 The Scout Handbook in the NY Times Sunday Book Review

The Scout Handbook in the NY Times Sunday Book Review

The Boy Scout handbook recently showed up in the New York Times Sunday Book Review. More specifically, a review of the 1942 edition of the Handbook for Boys appeared in an article by Harvard biologist and Eagle Scout Edward O. Wilson, titled "A Manual for Life." Said Wilson, "The 'Handbook for Boys' expresses the best of the American ethos as it was at the middle of the 20th century, unparalleled for its brilliance of pedagogy and its uncompromising declaration of democratic ideals. It espouses individualism, responsibility, empowerment and the philosophy of taking hold and learning by doing." He went on to describe how important the handbook was to him as he was growing up.

Wilson is one of the giants in the field of biology, having made major contributions to the field, and having received many awards and recognitions. Wikipedia calls him "the father of sociobiology and the father of biodiversity." About the Boy Scouts, Wilson said, "Equally potent, the 'Handbook' guided the boy upward in rank, Tenderfoot to Eagle, through tasks of increasing difficulty. The scout was expected to ascend at his own pace, by reading and consulting scoutmasters, parents and other mentors. This way he would have neither cause for embarrassment nor excuse for giving up. It was a technique I chose to use with my own students at Harvard."

 Scout Jamboree in Liberty State Park (Oct 2-4 2015)

Scout Jamboree in Liberty State Park

The next-door Patriots' Path Council (PPC) is currently making plans for a Boy Scout jamboree to take place in our neighborhood. Tents will be pitched in Liberty State Park during the weekend of October 2-4, 2015. Northern NJ Council Scout troops may act now to reserve some of the 1,000 participant slots set aside for non-PPC units.

The PPC flyer for the "2015 Liberty Jamboree" lists attractions such as robotics, STEM activities, a slack rope obstacle course, paintballing, a zip line, a climbing tower, kayaking on the Hudson River, and an arena show. Scouts and adults preferring not to sleep in a tent can arrange with the Liberty Science Center to sleep on the carpeted floor on one of their exhibits.

As part of PPC's arrangement with Liberty State Park, they have scheduled a series of 1-day service projects to benefit the park, starting in September 2014 and ending in June 2015. Listed are clean-up of the salt marsh, clean-up of the erosion control "riprap" rocks on the beach, weed control in the garden, and trail maintenance.

Contact: Vicki Kallok,

 Two New Liberty Science Center Programs for Scouts and Cubs

Two New Liberty Science Center Programs for Scouts and Cubs

The Liberty Science Center's coordinator for specialized programs recently announced two new programs for Scouts and Cubs.

The "Scout Weekend Workshop" program invites Scouts to "camp in" for a full weekend, bunking on the floors of the exhibit halls, and spending two hours with a skilled instructor on one of these choices:
• "Astronomy Workshop" for Cubs - Astronomy belt loop and pin
• "Mysteries of Weather Workshop" for Cubs - Weather belt loop and pin
• "Everyday Chemistry Workshop" for Cubs - Science belt loop and pin
• "Forensic Science Workshop" for Scouts - Fingerprinting merit badge
• "Wonders of Water Workshop" for Scouts - Soil and Water Conservation merit badge

The "Scout It Our Days: program offers 2-hour sessions with these choices:
• "Engineering" for the Scout Engineering merit badge, the Webelos Engineer activity badge, or the Cub Mathematics pin
• "Astronomy" for the Scout Astronomy merit badge or the Cub Astronomy belt loop and pin
• "Technology" [to be determined]

Contact: Deepa Shah, 201-253-1487

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