District Tiger Tumble (Jan 18)
Three Rivers Klondike Derby (Jan 25)
Pinewood Derby for Packs Without Their Own Track
Units Asked to Schedule FOS Presentations for 2014
Weboree 2014 Announced (Jun 6-8)
Can Three Rivers Reach Our Membership Goal?
Lots of New Patrol Emblems at the Scout Shop
Increased Registration Fee in 2014
Units Can Earn the Journey to Excellence Award
Starting a New Explorer Post for Aviation
Schedule a Week for Your Scouts at the Summit
Cooking Merit Badge - New Requirements
Cooking Merit Badge - Scouts May Still Use Old Requirements
Minutes from the District Committee Meeting of December 5
Scout Day with Seton Hall Basketball (Jan 4)
Ice Skating in Little Falls
Three Rivers Information Page (Posted Dec 30, 2013)

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 District Tiger Tumble (Jan 18)

Don't miss out on the 10th Annual Three Rivers District Tiger Tumble
A fun day for new Tigers!

January 18, 2014
Palisades Park Jr./Sr. High School
$5.00 if registered by December 31 ($10.00 after that)
(Just register and pay for your Tiger, adults come for free)

Click here to register your Tiger

Click here for a flyer:

 *   Archery
 *   Painting with Marbles
 *   Rubber Band Guns / Cork Guns
 *   No-hands Donut Eating
 *   Calf Roping
 *   Paper Stomp Rockets
 *   Fishing
 *   Scooter Races
 *   Raingutter Regatta
 *   Make Your Own Neckerchief Slide

Contact: Mark Wrightington  201-334-2714

We end the event with a small campfire.  This link is to a short clip that was shown on NY1 about the 2009 Tiger Tumble: http://www.ny1.com/content/112172/new-tiger-cub-scouts-frolic-in-bergen-county

 Three Rivers Klondike Derby (Jan 25)

2014 Three Rivers Klondike Derby
Saturday January 25, 2014
Campgaw Mountain County Reservation in Mahwah

Click here for the packet:
The packet gives instructions on how the event will work and what each patrol should bring.

The $10 per person fee includes hot cocoa, hot soup, and a patch.

Scouts and Webelos should bring a Klondike-style sled to transport their gear from station to station. This year's stations will be:
1. Orienteering
2. Ice Fishing
3. Fire Building
4. First Aid
5. Team Building
6. Knots and lashings

The Ice Fishing station will be run by the "Camporees from Hell" crew that specializes in staging unusual (some would say zany) competitions.


Contact: Allen Sterk ApSterk@verizon.net

 Pinewood Derby for Packs Without Their Own Track

Pinewood Derby for Packs Without Their Own Track


The Pinewood Traveling Team will come to your meeting place and run a Pinewood Derby for you. All you need to provide are boys with cars ready to run, 40 feet of floor space for the track, and $75 to pay for gas and other incidentals.

The pinewood derby is one of the most popular and successful special events in the Cub program. Boys start off with just a block of soft wood, then, armed with just a few tools, some paint, some imagination, and some help from a parent, they come up with nifty model cars that they can race down the track. The standard kit from the Scout Store has just the wood, four wheels and axles, a few decals, and a sketch showing one possible design. The track is a 40-foot long inclined board with guide rails to keep the cars steady, and an electronic timer gate and soft padding at the bottom.

Check out this collection of 100 amazing photos assembled by Boys' Life magazine:

Contact: Leslie Sonkin


 Units Asked to Schedule FOS Presentations for 2014

Units Asked to Schedule FOS Presentations for 2014

To Unit Leaders: This is really important!

The annual Friends of Scouting campaign is a fund-raiser run by our parent Northern NJ Council that enables them to provide a huge amount of behind-the-scenes support for your own pack or troop.

As an example, they use the money to maintain and improve the camp properties we use for weekend camping and for summer camp. The list goes on and is long.

Please contact the Council office and give them a date when someone can come and talk to your parents. Lots of parents think that Scouting is a great program for their sons and will be happy donate a few dollars to show their appreciation.

Contact: Joel Lieberman  201-677-1000 x30

 Weboree 2014 Announced (Jun 6-8)

Weboree 2014 will take place on the weekend of June 6-8.

The Weboree is one of the Council's most successful and popular events. It's a camping weekend for first-year Webelos Cubs and their parents/guardians. Its purpose is to give the boys and their parents a taste of what goes on at Boy Scout summer camp.

Webelos are organized into patrols and given a guide who takes them from station to station for demonstrations on first aid, map-and-compass, axes and knives, cooking, BB gun range, archery range, and more. Parents form groups separate from the boys and are guided to the same stations, where they can meet the staff, ask questions, and express concerns.

There are only 750 slots, so Den Leaders should plan to register their boys just as soon as the website is enabled.

All past Weborees took place at the end of April, but 2014 is an exception due to PSE&G construction currently taking place at Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco.

 Can Three Rivers Reach Our Membership Goal?

Can Three Rivers Reach Our Membership Goal?

We are so close...

It will be a real accomplishment if the Three Rivers District were to end 2013 with 3,000 registered Cub Scouts, but the database says that we're just a bit short.

The thing is, our three District Execs are certain that the Cubs are already out there, but we just don't know about them. And so last month they started two projects to find the missing Scouts.

1. Senior DE Joel Lieberman is conducting a "roster check." He e-mailed all Scoutmasters and Cubmasters asking them to send him their current rosters, which he will cross-check against the database. Joel said, "We want to look at every nook and cranny to ensure that every boy is registered in our programs."

2. Field Director Steve Leonardi made an offer that's hard to refuse. If any Scoutmaster or Cubmaster has a completed youth application form not yet submitted, Steve is willing to drive to a house or office to pick it up. Or you can put the form into Steve's home mailbox if that's more convenient than going to Oakland. Or you can scan the form and e-mail it to Steve as long as you can work out how to get the fee paid.

Joel Lieberman - joel.lieberman@scouting.org
Steve Leonardi - steven.leonardi@scouting.org

 Lots of New Patrol Emblems at the Scout Shop

The Scout Shop has lots of cool new patrol emblems.

Click here to check them out:

These are the best:

Bear (new version)
Black Mamba
Cobra (new version)
Old Goat
Woverine (new version)



 Increased Registration Fee in 2014

Increased Registration Fee in 2014

The registration fee for each youth and adult will be $29 when you renew your unit charter in 2014.

Since 2010 the fee has held steady at $20, but "increased administration costs" forced this year's rise.

The $29 fee is actually $24 + $5, where $24 is the amount set by the BSA National Council, and $5 is a surcharge that our Council has to impose due to New Jersey's high insurance rate.

Click here for more details about the increase as reported in Scouting Magazine:

The above article ends with an interesting insert called "Scouting's a steal" that compares Scout's $24 per year to some other youth activities. For example, Youth Basketball in Queens NY costs $500 per year plus uniforms.

 Units Can Earn the Journey to Excellence Award

"Journey To Excellence" Unit Award

This award is a feather in the cap of any unit that earns it, giving you bragging rights and a new streamer for your flagpole.

The award may be earned at bronze, silver, or gold levels based on a point system. For example, a Cub pack that schedules 3 outdoor events earns 75 points, 4 earns 150, and 5 events earn 300 points. A Scout troop earns 50, 100, or 200 points for scheduling 4, 7, or 9 camping trips. For both packs and troops, a total of 1,600 points gets you the gold award.

To earn the award, units earn points by showing good numbers for new boys recruited and old boys retained. There must be a good program for indoor meetings, outdoor events, service projects, good leadership, and good finances.

Cub packs have a "leadership planning" requirement that says, "By May 31, the pack committee either recruits or confirms pack and den leadership for the next [school] year." Luckily, selecting a Den Leader for next September's non-existent Tiger Den is not included, since a footnote specifies unit position codes "CM", "DLs" "WLs" but omits "TL" that is, Cubmaster, Den Leaders, Webelos Den Leaders, but not Tiger Cub Den Leader.

Service projects should be scheduled with the results recorded into the "Journey to Excellence" website. Note that all units are encouraged to use this site, even those not planning to earn the award. In their public relations, National likes to tell how many millions of man-hours Scouts have spent doing community service.

To earn the award, obtain a copy of the "Scorecard" form, fill it out, and turn it in with your other forms when you recharter your unit.

Caution: Download from "2013" not "2014"! The award is based on results achieved during the 12 months of 2013.

The site also contains a set of helpful Excel spreadsheets that can assist in doing the calculations.

 Starting a New Explorer Post for Aviation

Starting a New Explorer Post for Aviation

The notice below was broadcast on December 9
Aviation Explorer Post 747
Bergen Community College is hosting an information/registration session:
  Thursday, December 19 6:30-7:30 PM
  400 Paramus Road, Paramus, NJ 07652
  Technology Building, room 105
  Registration fee $40

Aviation Exploring is a career-based program for young men and women who are between 13–21 years of age and their parents. Aviation Explorer posts help youth gain insight into a variety of programs that offer hands-on career activities, and gives parents something to connect with their child.

It’s for persons who are interested in careers in the field of aviation; Exploring offers experimental learning with lots of fun-filled, hands-on activities that promote the growth and development of adolescent youth. Aviation Explorer posts also help youth attain their Career Achievement Award.

Are you ready for your future to take off and fly with state-of-the-art simulator laboratories?

RSVP via E-mail:


District Exec Oliris Ramos added this note:
Hello, Scouts and Scouters

Are you ready for your future to take off and fly?

Northern NJ Council of the Boy Scouts of America and the School of Mathematics, Science and Technology, we are prepared to help you plot the course.

What you can get out of this Aviation Exploring program:

  • Scouts and Scouters can experience flights with the state-of-the art-simulator laboratories in a Cessna 172S airplane, Robinson, or Schweitzer helicopter.
  • Provide a broad look at many of the career possibilities in the aviation industry.
  • Provide an opportunity to learn the basic knowledge used by professionals in aviation.
  • Provide an opportunity to become as deeply involved in aviation activities as possible.
  • Explore first hand the world of aviation and the principles of flight.
  • Investigate aspects of the aviation industry.
  • Participate in activates such as visiting an FAA control tower, touring a commercial aircraft such as a Boeing 777, trip to an Air Force Base to tour C-17, C-5A aircraft with the opportunity to fly a simulator, and more.

The sky is not the limit. Dream big!

 Schedule a Week for Your Scouts at the Summit

Schedule a Week for Your Scouts at the Summit

"The Summit" is the Scout's new high adventure base in West Virginia and the location of last summer's National Jamboree.

All the elaborate gear that was installed for the Jamboree is still there and still waiting for your Scouts to take advantage of. They are offering 6 different week-long programs for Scout troops.

  1. The Summit Experience: The Summit is the only place in the world you can find so many diverse high adventure activities–BMX, skateboarding, mountain biking, zip lines, canopy tours, challenge courses, climbing, shooting sports and more–in one setting, and the only way you can try all of them on the same trip is by signing up for the Summit Experience program track.
  2. The River: The River program track focuses on skill development and competency in kayaking and whitewater rafting. Building a foundation of sound boating skills is critical to advancing to more difficult whitewater. Translation? The better your foundation, the more fun you can have.
  3. Helmets And Harnesses: Strap on your helmet and step into your harness because we’ve taken three different ways to experience gravity and rolled them into one program. And The Rocks are a marvel in their own right. It’s as if we transported the rocks from the rim of the New River Gorge to the Summit. You can’t beat the feeling of those invisible hand holds and lever yourself skyward to your goal.
  4. The Marksman: The Marksman program track focuses on skill development and competency in rifle, pistol, shotgun and archery. Sight in your target, take a deep breath and fire. Learn a new appreciation of the precision and accuracy necessary to elevate your marksmanship skills. Whether at the shooting or archery range, the discipline necessary to hit your targets, the responsibility that comes with the sport, are skills you can apply throughout the rest of your life.
  5. Wheels: The Wheels program track focuses on skill development and competency in mountain biking, skateboarding, BMX and mountain boarding. Ever since man invented the wheel, he opened up a whole new world of moving about the earth. At the Summit, use the latest developments in bike and skateboard technology to elevate the use of the wheel to an art form.|
  6. Adventure Photography Workshop: The Adventure Photography Workshop teaches you to tell the story of your outdoor adventures . You will learn about composition, lighting, exposure and color. More importantly, you will spend your days engaged in adventure activities that lend themselves to opportunities to apply what you learn. You will also learn how to take your photographs from the camera to the computer editor to print. You will have the chance to receive feedback, critiques and tips from professional photographers to help you improve your technique.

 Cooking Merit Badge - New Requirements

Cooking Merit Badge - New Requirements as of January 1, 2014

The Cooking merit badge is now required to reach the rank of Eagle Scout, and so the requirements have been upgraded to the level expected of an Eagle. As before, the requirements are still divided into:
1. Classroom-type requirements
2. Cook for your family
3. Cook for your patrol on a camping trip
4. Cook for your patrol on a backpacking trip
5. Find out about careers

1. Changes to the classroom-type requirements:

a. Before you had to be aware of hazards. Now you also have to know the first aid including for allergic reactions.
b. Added to the "how to store and transport" requirement is also how to prevent cross-contamination.
c. The prior list of 5 food-related illnesses (describe and prevent) has been expanded to 9.
d. A new requirement was added about food allergies and food intolerance.
e. The nutrition requirement shifted from the "food pyramid" to the "food plate" with the addition of "give 5 examples of each food group."
f.  New: How active is the Scout and thus what kind of meals are appropriate.
g. New: Ask the Scout how he might eat healthier.
h. New: Understand food label terms, such as calorie, fat, trans fat, cholesterol, etc.
i. New: How to read a label to watch for allergens.
j. New: Know when to use baking, boiling, frying, etc.
k. New: Know the plusses and minuses of stoves versus fires.
l. New: Discuss the Outdoor Code and Leave No Trace principles.

2. Changes to cooking for your family:

a. The requirement to cook for 3 full days is now more specific: Yourself plus at least one adult.
b. New: You must use 5 different ways to cook (see above baking, boiling, frying, etc.)
c. New: You have to be aware of timing so that things are served at the proper time.
d. New: There must be an evaluation after each meal: how to improve, etc.
e. New: How did you prevent cross-contamination?
3. Changes to cooking on a camping trip:

a. The requirement to cook 5 meals is now more specific: A patrol of 8 Scouts.
b. New: You must use different ways to cook each meal (see above baking, boiling, frying, etc.)
c. New: One of the meals must use either a Dutch oven or a foil pack or a kabob.
d. New: You must prepare a dessert or snack.
e. New: There must be an evaluation after each meal: how to improve, etc.
f. New: How did you store the food and how did you prevent cross-contamination?

4. Changes to cooking on a backpacking trip:

a. The requirement to cook 3 meals is now more specific: A patrol of 3-5 people and none of the food should require refrigeration.
b. New: How to repackage the food from the grocery store to eliminate bulk, weight, and garbage.
c. New: One of the meals must be cooked over a fire or a camp stove.
d. New: The previous clean-up requirement now insists on also cleaning the equipment and utensils.
e. New: There must be an evaluation after each meal: how to improve, etc.

5. Find out about careers - Same as before

 Cooking Merit Badge - Scouts May Still Use Old Requirements

Cooking Merit Badge - Scouts May Still Use Old Requirements

The information below was copied from the "Cooking" page of the authoritative website "US Scouting Service Project"

It's complex, so be prepared to read it a few times to make sure you know what they are saying.

Until December 31, 2014, Scouts starting Cooking merit badge may use these [new] requirements, or the previous requirements which these replaced.

This is an exception to the general rule. Normally, Scouts starting a merit badge after new requirements are issued must use only the new requirements. The following is a paraphrase of the announcement made by the BSA Advancement Team Leader in October, 2013:

Since the new Cooking MB requirements were released on December 17, 2013, and the pamphlet is coming out after the start of the new year, BSA decided to allow Scouts all of 2014 to make the transition. BSA will treat this as if the pamphlet and new requirements will have come out after January, which would make the requirements effective Jan 1, 2015. Throughout 2014 Scouts will have those options of continuing or beginning with the old requirements or beginning with the new requirements. Then on Jan 1, 2015, any Scout beginning work on Cooking MB must use the new requirements and the new pamphlet.

 Minutes from the District Committee Meeting of December 5

Minutes from the District Committee Meeting

Click here for the minutes from the District Committee Meeting of December 5:


 Scout Day with Seton Hall Basketball (Jan 4)

Scout Day with Seton Hall Basketball (Jan 4)

Scout Day with Seton Hall Basketball

Seton Hall versus Creighton University
January 4 at 3:00 PM
Tickets: $10 or $20

Click here to access the discounted Scout Day registration web page - Use the promo code: SCOUTS

Click here for a flyer:

Scout Day Experience Includes:

  • Official Seton Hall Pirate Scout Day Badge
  • High-five the team as they run onto the court pre-game (limited space)
  • Chance to participate in contests and promotions on the court

James Haley

 Ice Skating in Little Falls

Ice Skating in Little Falls

The Floyd Hall Arena is available for ice skating and a lot more. Click here to see their schedule:

They have:
  Public Skating
  Family open hockey
  Adult open Hockey
  Youth open hockey
  Hockey privates
  Open freestyle
  High freestyle
  Adult clinic

Prices for public skating:
$12.50 daytime
$8.00 in the evening 7:00-9:30 PM
$4.00 for rentals

Floyd Hall Arena
One Hall Drive, Little Falls, NJ 07424
Kevin McCormack, 973-655-8023