TRD Window Display Competition

TRD Window Display Competition
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All Packs, Crews and Troops are being asked to put up a display in a local storefront/window. All entries will be judged and the two best of each (2 Troops, 2 Packs, 2 Crews) will each win a gift card.

Click here for a sheet that outlines the elements that must be included in the display:

Flags - Troop/Pack/Crew and American
Contact Info. - Must display contact name and number
Activities - Show activities unit has participated in (ie. Pinewood Derby, Klondike Derby, Gold Rush, Super Activity, etc.
Advancement - depict the advancement trail; Tiger to AOL, or Tenderfoot to Eagle, Crews recognition (Bronze-Silver, Ranger, Trust, Quest, Quartermaster, etc.)


Display should be in place for the week of February 3rd - February 9th.
Participating units should take a picture of the display and e-mail it in.

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