Jamboree Shakedown

Jamboree Shakedown
71 Oak Street,
Oakland, NJ 07436, US
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Directions: From NJ Rt 208 – Travel Rt. 208 North to the terminus at I-287 South. (see next step)

From I-287 – take Exit 58 for US202 Southbound. (see next step)

From US 202 Southbound – In Oakland, cross a railroad track, then pass a Staples store on the left. The next traffic light is Oak Street (Ponds Church on right, US Post office/Dunkin Donuts on opposite side). Turn right on Oak Street. (skip next step and go to "From Oak Street")

From US 202 Northbound – You will enter Oakland and pass the NNJC Council Office. Keep following signs for 202 Northbound, and you will make a "Jug Handle" left turn (passing Burger King and Shop Rite) to continue on 202 Northbound. You will pass a Oakland Police Department on the left. The first traffic light after the police station is Oak Street Turn left on Oak Street. (see next step)

From Oak Street – once you turn on Oak Street, it is a long straight road that eventually bends to the left. As you make the bend in the road, you will pass the DPW building (under construction). At the far end of the DPW building, turn right on to Veterans/Thomas McGinnis Way. The entrance to VMS Main Parking is on the right. If there is no parking there, continue up Veterans/Thomas McGinnis Way to another parking lot by the Municipal Building and Oakland Library. There is a staircase between the municipal building and the school building to safely walk back to the school entrance. See map below.


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