All staff must complete from

1) Physical Wellness

2) Weather Hazards

3) Youth Protection

These three trainings should take no more than 1 hour to complete, and may be paused. It is important that you complete this training at home because it allows us to conduct other training during staff week.

When you create your my.scouting account, please be sure to include your Member ID Number. If you don't have your membership card handy, and don't know your number, please contact Joe.


All staff must ALSO show a certificate for: 

 1) Unlawful Harassment Training

The link to this training is:, further instructions are attached if needed. We are council #333.

If you completed this training last year, visit the website and click on “continue training.” They will email you a link and you may print out a copy out.


Please bring certificates for all of your training to the start of Staff Week on 7/1 at 9am!

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