Camp Lewis offers two types of sessions: 2-night and 5-night. Please be aware that or 2-night and 5-night sessions overlap and many units take advantage of this flexibility (some families come up for 2-nights, while others attend for 5-nights). Please speak to your Cubmaster for further information on how your pack is registering.

2017 2-night Sessions
New to Cub Scout Camp, have younger scouts, or limited time? Sign up for any one of our six 2-night sessions! They're a great introductory experience to the world of Cub Scout camping!

Session 1: 7/5-7/7
Session 2: 7/8-7/10
Session 3: 7/12-7/14
Session 4: 7/15-7/17
Session 5: 7/19-7/21


The cost of a 2-night session for 2017 is $235, before any discounts are applied


2017 5-night Sessions

Ready for an immersive Cub Scout camping experience? One of our three 5-night sessions is just what you're looking for! This length session is particularly good for older Cub's to begin the preparation of bridging into a Troop (it's also a great excuse to be out of the office a few days longer!)


The cost of a 5-night session for 2017 is $460, before any discounts are applied

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