Camp Lewis and Camp Yaw Paw are the FIRST groups in the Northern New Jersey Council to fully adopt the new Cub Scout Program. With that comes many changes, the most primary being: your scouts will not come home with a heaping pile of belt loops or pins! The new program is designed with one important thing in mind: it’s about the experience, not the bling! Gone are the days of “belt loops” that have 3 requirements! Each award your child earns this summer reflects lot’s of effort, understanding, and is designed to help them along their Scouting trail. In some cases, they’ll even have homework to do in their site at night (with their parents support!)


These are the new awards for the Cub Scout Adventure Program. We know, we know, we know: “Didn’t they earn belt loops before?” The answer is: “yes,” and also “no!” The awards for the old and the new program happen to be in the form of loops of metal that can be placed on a belt. That’s the only similarity! We understand it can be confusing, be sure to talk to Joe if you’re unsure of which is which. He needed plenty of help understanding it, so he’s happy to share his experiences with you!


With the new program, only Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts can earn pins. These pins are similar to the Webelos Activity Badges, but just like the “belt loops,” they merely happen to look like the old awards! The requirements and methods of instruction are completely different! Even the names are similar, e.g.: “Aquanaut” exists in both programs by name, but the requirements are very different.


Joe, I notice in that chart down there that you are saying my Scout will earn a “Partial.” What gives?? Well, the answer is simple: take a look at the requirements! Could your child earn 7 of those awards in full while at camp? Maybe. But I don’t think they would have fun. Our Webelos and Arrow of Light program (1st and 2nd year Webelos in the old terminology) is now about experiences! Having fun at camp, being the oldest and most experienced scouts around the campfire! Extra time at BB’s, the pool, dedicated fishing time, in-site cooking in a special Webelos and Arrow of Light Den area. These are just some of the experiences that await your scout. So yes, it’s possible that they may not earn the award, but they will leave happy and energized with the Scouting program!


5-night campers will also earn all 2-night achievements, in addition to those listed under 5-night.

  2-night 5-night
Tiger Floats and Boats Tigers in the Wild
    Good Knights
Wolf Spirit of the Water Howling at the Moon
    Finding your Way
Bear Roaring Laughter Bear Claws
    Salmon Run
Webelos Sportsman First Responder
(4th grade)   Aquanaut
Arrow of Light  Camper (Partial) Camper (Partial)
(5th Grade) Castaway (Partial) Castaway (Partial)

For Webelos (5th grade only) dens who are not adopting the new program, Scouts will earn the Forester Pin and Weather Belt loop in a 2-night session; and, in addition: the Outdoorsman Pin and Wildlife Conservation Belt loop in a 5-night session. Please note that per the National Council, only Webelos 2 (5th Grade) dens have this option.

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