All Scouts and Scouters are expected to act in a safe manner at all times in camp.  Our trained medical staff are in-camp and on-call 24 hours per day in the camp's health lodge.  We are available to assist with all needs from medications, to poison ivy, to bumps and bruises.  All Scouts and Scouters are expected to bring to camp their appropriate medical form and have a medical screening upon arrival.  Any questions regarding the health and safety policies of Turrell can be directed to the camp director before camp or the health officer at during the summer camp season.

Medical Forms • Please take the time to review all medical forms prior to camp! • Check for parent and a doctor’s signature on the BSA form. It cannot be on a separate form. It must be signed by the doctor within the last year. • We recommend bringing two copies to camp - one for the Health Officer and one for you. • If you alphabetize the forms prior to arrival, it can speed up the check in process! • Any Scout taking medications must be in the original packaging - and this information must be signed off on the BSA medical form, in section B. *There are TWO doctor's signatures required if you are taking medication*

Medications • If a scout requires special medication, a parent/guardian may be required to come to camp, meet with the Health Officer, and sign authorization forms. This is very important!! The authorization form is available online and in this document. If it is a unique medication, these parents should call our health officer the week before arrival to clarify this information. The camp number is 845-754-7111


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