The Shooting Sports program teaches Scouts marksmanship and the safe handling of firearms, under the careful supervision of a BSA and National Rifle Association trained and certified director.  Rifle Shooting and Shotgun Shooting merit badges are both offered at Camp Turrell , and there are open shoots each afternoon and various evening competitions for anyone who wishes to participate.  We also host a Black Powder Shoot on Monday Evenings.

By New York State law, a Scout must be at least 12 years old to fire a rifle and 14 to fire a shotgun.  Personal firearms are not permitted at camp.

Participants in Rifle and Shotgun Shooting merit badges may need to attend additional open shoots in order to meet the scoring qualifications. Shotgun merit badge is accompanied by a $25 fee and Rifle is accompanied by a $10 fee. 

Unit Leaders are encouraged to join us for open shoots and a special Scoutmaster shoot opportunity during Friday.

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