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Project Soaring Eagle program at Camp Turrell is designed to give older scouts an opportunity to continue working on required merit badges while in camp in order to encourage them on their "Trail to Eagle" and provide a unique camping experience.

Project Soaring Eagle is designed to have required merit badges running at specific days and times, which will often conflict with other camp merit badges. This is unavoidable, and scouts who choose Project Soaring Eagle must realize this will be different from other summer camp experiences. In addition, scouts will not necessarily be able to finish these badges while at camp. However, with proper pre-camp work, many Eagle required merit badges can be completed.

The Camp Turrell soaring Eagle experience will is designed to have a lasting impact on each boys scouting experience.  Boys taking part in the Project Soaring Eagle program will be put into an Eagle provisional troop. This troop will live together for the week working and supporting each other.  These troops have been known to provide support for each other after long after the week in camp and have met to finish merit-badges and consult on Eagle projects.  


Merit Badges: Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World, Communications, Family Life, Personal Managment, E-Prep


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