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Popcorn 2017
Plan your Scouting YEAR


Trail’s End has vanished.  In their absence, the sinister CAMPMASTER has risen from the ashes of Ramsey Empire to conquer the popcorn world.  (Just kidding…)

With the Support of the Northern New Jersey Council: our Packs, Troops, Teams, Crews, Ships, and Posts will be trained with all the planning, knowledge, and tools to bring about a new generation of POPCORN JEDI’s. 

Pay close attention as we share with you all the secrets to successfully grow your popcorn sale.

How many of your Scouts will become POPCORN JEDI’s?  A Top 100 Seller?  Or earn all the coveted Popcorn Robot Monster Piece Patch?

So strap in, sit back and enjoy the ride!  POPCORN 2017 begins now…



Each year, the Northern New Jersey Council sponsors a Trail’s End Popcorn sale to raise money for local Scouting programs and activities.

The annual product sales of the Northern New Jersey Council provide a unique fundraising opportunity for Scouting units to raise funds to provide a quality Scouting experience for their Scouts and families. Annually, the Council provides units with opportunities to participate in the fall Product Sale.


  • High-profit return – Trail’s End returns more than 73% of the purchase price to local Scouting. The high-profit margin earned provides many units enough money to fund their scouting program needs for the entire year. The Council uses its portion of the funds raised to support Scouting programs, camping, training programs, camperships and other important needs to support your Scouting adventures.
  • No up-front money required – This Council-administered fundraiser enables units to order and pay for only the products they sell.
  • A turnkey program – Everything you need for a successful fundraiser is included: order forms, online ordering, Scout prizes, training videos and other sales tools.
  • Proven product quality – Trail’s End provides superior products and pricing with high consumer appeal. Their products include no Trans-Fats and microwave products are made with canola oil. Ninety-two percent of consumers are repeat customers.
  • Teaches life lessons – Popcorn sales help build self-confidence, while teaching each Scout the responsibility of “Earning Their Own Way.” Scouts also learn leadership and financial skills and have the opportunity to earn advancements and merit badges.
  • Program Support – Council staff and volunteers are available to assist and provide training locally to guide you through a successful sale.

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