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Unit Marketing Resources is a map-based system to manage your unit's presence in the community and allow prospective members to search for you! Most BSA approved flyers, posters, postcards, ect., are printed with the beAScout address to allow pooling of our collective recruiting resources!

Some tips to make sure your beAScout "pin" is as effective as possible! 1) Make sure the contact information is current! Appoint one person in your unit to be responsible for follow-up on interested families; 2) Include as much information as possible. A unit website if you have one, Facebook, meeting times and location, or your next big event. Someone is already interested in learning more about Scouting, give them a taste of what to look forward too!

By default a unit Key-3 has access to the management end of beAScout through their tools portal. If you're not familiar with how to access these tools, please email your District Executive. 

Unit Leader Training BeAScout F.A.Q Populating your Pin Checklist


the Marketing Toolbox

The Marketing Toolbox, hosted by BSA National, is one-stop-shopping for most Unit Marketing and PR needs. Ranging from images, logos, recruiting information, it's the perfect place to get some ideas. We have double-listed information on this page that is also found in the Marketing Toolbox for ease of access.

BSA Marketing Toolbox


Sample Marketing Plan

Don't reinvent the wheel! We have a sample plan that, when used incombinatin with the other resources on this page, make management of your Unit's Marketing and Public Relatins effors a breeze!

Marketing Plan

Social Media

We live in an age where Social Media is an integral part of post people's day-to-day lives. Although one aspect of the BSA and the Scouting program is our ability to take time away from Social Media, it remains an important aspect of Marketing and Public Relations.

Utilize the Social Medial Playbook to develop a plan for your unit, and remember: Be cautious and always follow BSA Youth Protection Guidelines and the provided Social Media Guidelines. We do not recommend using apps such as Snapchat or Kik, or messaging youth members via Social Media applications, regardless of convenience. Scouts using Social Media are encouraged to participate in CyberChip training.

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BSA Branding

It's tempting to create our own logos and spin-offs with a little bit of Photoshop or Illustrator knowledge. Don't do it! The Boy Scouts of America are a nationally recognized brand, and the National office works hard to create quality logos and images that everyone can use. We don't encourage alterations of our brand logos outside of what is permissible in the links below. If you absolutely must make alterations, be sure to look at the BSA Brand Identity Guide for guidelines. We even have Powerpoint templates to make your presentations look as professional as possible!

BSA Brand Identity Guide Current BSA Logos Powerpoint Templates

NNJC Visual Identity Guide

For daily use within a Pack, Troop, Crew, or District, the locally developed Visual Identity Guide is the perfect solution, breaking down the relevant information in the BSA Brand Identity guide into what is relevant to you on a daily basis!

NNJC Visual Identity Guide


Public Relations

Public Relations is often an excellent way to help sell the Scouting program to boys and parents in your community. Positive publicity can have a direct impact on your unit’s membership, recruiting, and fundraising efforts. In addition, it can often provide a boost to your advancement program by publicly recognizing the hard work, fun and accomplishments of the boy is your unit!

PR Powerpoint Sample Unit PR Guidebook What is Public Relations? Unit PR Brochure


Press Releases

A Press Release is a short, compelling news story written by a member fo your unit and sent to targeted members of the local media. Great places to start are your local Patch editor, daily or weekly news (such as the Suburban News or Wayne Today), and The Press Release should contain all the essential information a journalist would need: Who? What? Where? When? How? and Why? so the journalist can produce their own story.

Sample Press Release

News Release Guidelines

News/Press Release Template


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