DOW Drukker Scout Reservation 
Camp Turrell and Camp Kluge Facilities

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Kluge Lodge


Peterson Lodge


Kluge Lean-Tos


Peterson Lean-Tos


Gertman Dining Hall

Dining Hall $75.00 PER DAY
Dining Hall w/ Kitchen $150.00 PER DAY

OTHER Facilities

Picnic Pavillion $25.00 PER DAY
Handicraft Pavillion $25.00 PER DAY



Beaver Dam Pond

Tent Sites

Broken Arrow (A) $50.00
Big Boulder (B) $50.00
Cohen (C) $50.00
Deer Run (D) $50.00
Evens (E) $50.00
Faranetta (F) $50.00
Gurtman (G) $50.00
Lotee (L) $50.00
Murray Cole (M) $50.00
Chestnut Hollow (N) $50.00
Lenapi (O) $50.00
Blueberry Hill (P) $50.00


Rifle and Archery Shooting
Row boating
Sail boating

For short term and summer camping information, directions and applications, contact the NNJC Camping Division at the Council Office at (201) 677-1000.

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