NNJC Internet Rechartering 

Renew the charter for packs, troops, teams, crews, and ships

Please read through the directions on this page BEFORE entering the online rechartering system at the bottom of the page.

For New Unit Renewal Processors, please view this presentation before starting...
Updated Internet Rechartering Presentation for 2018  NEW!

After your Unit has rechartered, you can print your own
Charter certificate and membership cards...

FAQ’S AND HOW TO’S – Charter Certificate Printing 

FAQ’S AND HOW TO’S – Membership Card Printing 



1) Follow: Detailed Internet Re-chartering instructions here...

Northern New Jersey Council is pleased to offer Internet Re-chartering to your unit. We think you’ll love this method for re-chartering, because you will be completing the charter renewal information yourself, which ensures that it will be correct. You can do it from your home or office, anytime that it’s convenient for you! It’s a secure, easy-to-use application accessed from the Council web site.

If you have any questions concerning the re-chartering process, please contact your District Executive!

Lenape Trail District - Chris Clark 
                                De-Quan Jenkins 

Ramapo Valley District – Daniela Rios  
                                    Michael Sadowski 
Three River District - Joel Lieberman
                               Ludmilla Perez 
                               Jessica Fajardo 

Exploring District - Peter Kirk 

Metro Life/Stem Scouts - Rosa Urena

Here’s how to get started: Select an adult to be the renewal processor for Internet Re-chartering.
1. 60 days before unit expiration the unit’s renewal processor should gather re-charter information material.
              Ramapo Valley Units can begin process starting Nov. 1st
              Three Rivers Units can begin process starting Dec. 1st
              Lenape Trail Units can begin process starting Jan. 1st
2. Log into the Online Rechartering portal, accessed from the homepage of the Council website, www.nnjbsa.org
3. Select First-Time User and enter the unit access code. This unique code is for your unit only, and is issued on the sheet on the front of the Charter Renewal Packet.
4. Select the unit type and enter the unit number as it appears in your Charter Renewal Packet.
5. Create a password as instructed, and write it down for reference later.
6. Complete the information requested on each screen. You can stop at any time, log off the system, and begin again where you left off by re-entering your access code and password.

Here’s how to wrap it up:
7. When you’ve completed all the information to re-charter the unit, click the Submit button.
8. Print the Unit Charter Renewal Report Package, which includes the charter renewal application and lists of new members, transfers, multiples, and no-fee adults.
9. Acquire the appropriate signatures on the application.
10. Take the entire packet along with new applications and registration and insurance payments to the
council turn-in meetings, your Unit Commissioner, or your District Executive or the Council Service Center

2) Complete: all 2019 Journey to Excellence Unit Award information, with your Unit Commissioner (or District Professional).

3) Obtainproper signatures on Charter renewal, as well as signed Charter Agreement form.

  • Institution Head

  • Unit Leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster or Crew Advisor)

  • Commissioner (Unit Commissioner, ADC or District Cmsr.) (JTE Forms Only)

4) Complete: Any needed applications, including position-transfers (Den Leader to Cubmaster, ect.). Adults must have Current Youth protection card attached to their Adult Application.


Insurance Fee Information

6) Make: out check for unit fees and insurance costs payable to: Northern New Jersey Council; or have signed authorization to deduct unit fees and insurance costs from the unit account.

7) Deliver: completed paperwork to the Council Service Center, or to your Unit Commissioner, District Commissioner, or District Executive.  Charters are due no later than the last day of the month your unit expires!

District Recharter Turn In Day
Ramapo Valley December 17 
Three Rivers Jan. 2020 (Date TBD)
Lenape Trail Feb. 2020 (Date TBD)

Ramapo Valley Charters Due no later than Dec. 31st
Three Rivers Charters Due no later than Jan. 31st
Lenape Trail Charters Due no later than Feb. 28th 

To learn more about how Internet Rechartering works, take the interactive Internet Rechartering tutorial and view the Help files. Please note that this service provided by the National office does not reflect current fee's, and is for practice and illustrative uses only.




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